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Silver Now Below its Marginal Cost Of Production

Recently, there has been much attention on Bitcoins since its price has been in a parabolic rise, Remember that everyone was talking about silver when it had its parabolic rise in 2010. What happened to the price of silver shortly thereafter? It corrected from $48.48 to now under $20/oz, which translates into more than a […]

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Paper Silver Price Retesting April 2013 Lows: What about the Physical Price?

The paper price for silver appears to be retesting its April low of $22.09. However, when the silver price reached this price back in mid-April, the physical price was approximately $25 USD/oz for about a day until physical demand dried up all the supply in the market–which consequently drove up the premiums back to $28/oz. […]

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Canadian Junk Silver – What You Need To Know Before Buying

The price of retail gasoline in Canada in the early 1950’s was approximately a dime per liter, and the average price of silver in the early 1950 was $US 0.83 cents/oz. (USD=CDN most of the 50’s). Today, if we could hold that very same 1950 silver dime which contained .06 oz of pure silver, at today’s silver price […]

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