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The Rise of 200 Alternative Crypto Currencies

Authored by Oliver Wasser from www.altcoinspeculation.com Many people look at the price of Bitcoin (currently around $850 a coin), and instantly shy away from getting involved in crypto currencies. What they don’t see and what is less publicized is the booming number of new Alternative Crypto coins (Altcoins), which are now appearing on a daily […]

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Silver Now Below its Marginal Cost Of Production

Recently, there has been much attention on Bitcoins since its price has been in a parabolic rise, Remember that everyone was talking about silver when it had its parabolic rise in 2010. What happened to the price of silver shortly thereafter? It corrected from $48.48 to now under $20/oz, which translates into more than a […]

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Can Bitcoins Rebuild The Financial System?

Today at least 98% of government issued currencies are scriptural money, also known as “digital money”. This digital money is kept in commercial banks accounts or networks, and flows as digits in the database on a bank’s computer servers. This is not dramatic in itself, because banking services like (paying bills online, transferring money, credit […]

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Self Issued Credit

Self-Issued Credit

During the Middle Ages, the gold supply entering into the market was very limited. For instance, as most of the gold mined was used for the Church or State. This caused money to grow at very slow pace and this restrained economic activity from going beyond its threshold. People had products or services for exchange, […]

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