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The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve With Bill Still

Title: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve Director: Bill Still Year: 2013 What’s the problem with the world economy? It’s debt — too much personal debt — too much corporate debt — and most importantly, too much government debt. “People have a natural tendency to want to spend now and pay later. They will usually […]

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More Profitable than Exxon and Apple

At the beginning of this month, Janet Yellen became the first woman to lead the world’s most powerful financial institution, the Federal Reserve.  That means that she passed Oprah Winfrey as the most influential woman in the world.  That’s pretty significant, not just because it makes her, one could argue, the most powerful woman in […]

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Money Bubble – Why Hasn’t It Burst?

James Turk and John Rubino have just recently written an excellent new book entitled The Money Bubble. Where a variety of important economic questions are answered from a unique perspective. An exclusive interview with John Rubino is below for you to listen to. Enjoy!

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The Rise of 200 Alternative Crypto Currencies

Authored by Oliver Wasser from Many people look at the price of Bitcoin (currently around $850 a coin), and instantly shy away from getting involved in crypto currencies. What they don’t see and what is less publicized is the booming number of new Alternative Crypto coins (Altcoins), which are now appearing on a daily […]

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Kevin O’Leary Celebrates Crony Capitalism

On a recent episode of the Canadian business show The Lang and O’Leary Exchange, Kevin O’Leary, a Successful Canadian businessman and star of the reality show Shark Tank, ignorantly described how people living in poverty is “fantastic news”. O’Leary praised the recently released statistic that the combined wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is […]

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Can Doctors Fix Poverty?

Many health care professionals in Toronto are calling on their provincial government to raise the minimum wage by $3.75/hour to $14.  They argue that poverty is not just a public health issue but “the biggest barrier to good health.”  The group Health Providers Against Poverty is behind the movement and it seems that doctors orders […]

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Gold Cartel Catch 22

This has to be one of the best, concise videos on gold price manipulation I’ve seen. The ultimate question remains, will central banks lose control over the manipulation or will they be able to maintain and continue their scheme despite the increasing demand for physical gold and silver? As mentioned in a previous post, silver […]

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Silver Now Below its Marginal Cost Of Production

Recently, there has been much attention on Bitcoins since its price has been in a parabolic rise, Remember that everyone was talking about silver when it had its parabolic rise in 2010. What happened to the price of silver shortly thereafter? It corrected from $48.48 to now under $20/oz, which translates into more than a […]

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Hidden Secrets of Money Part 5: When Money Is Corrupted

Mike Maloney and his team produced another great educational short video about money that is A DEFINITE must watch! This one is about when governments get desperate they lead to corrupting our money supply and printing too much “currency” which then leads to hyperinflation. Hyperinflation benefits the few while impoverishing the middle class a scenario […]

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FATCA Invades Canada

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a legislation that was passed in the US in 2010, However, starting in July 2014 all Canadian financial institutions will be required to report to the IRS all of the account balances of a “US Person”. What does US tax law consider a “US person“? A citizen […]

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