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The New World Reserve Currency: The Cobra Gold Dollar

Here is a humorous addendum–purely for entertainment purposes–to my past articles about the US dollar collapse and the black swan events (Part 1 and Part 2). The acclaimed G.I. JOE cartoon show “Money to Burn” features a funny solution for the constant manipulation and debasement of the US dollar. Go figure, the so-called “bad guy” […]

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Black Swan Events For The US Dollar Collapse

In my previous article, I mentioned the first nine “black swan” events that could collapse the US dollar. Actually, there are so many potential events that may trigger a reverse in psychology in individuals that there is no way to know exactly which event will be the catalyst. “In retrospect, the spark might seem as […]

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Manila in the Philippines Is The New Call Center Capital Of The World.

Manila in the Philippines is the new call center capital of the world. 500,00 jobs in this sector only will be reportedly created within the next few years. With its English-speaking workforce, geopolitical stability and embracement of Western culture, the Philippines is fast becoming the world’s hottest destination for call centers. Established in just a […]

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Canada’s Housing Bubble Statistics: February 2013

Here are the latest price statistics for Canada’s housing market. Price statistics refer to the updated numbers for the month of January 2013. Declines were again seen in all sectors and regions except for (Montreal townhouses and Regina Condos) The aggregate price for all sectors and major regions in Canada declined again in January 2013, […]

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US Dollar Collapse? Here Are 9 Ways It Could Happen

We all know that the US dollar is losing value through inflation every year; in fact,  the dollar has lost over 97% of its purchasing power over the last century. When “real money” (i.e. backed up with intrinsic value) was used, a cup of coffee in the 1920s costed about a few cents. In a […]

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Allodial Title on Precious Metals?

In my previous article on allodial titles and property rights, I stated that a true allodial title that would provide you with full ownership of your land does not exist today, or at least not in North America. During times of economic crisis, governments tend to increase regulations and raise fees and taxes, especially on property […]

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Allodial Title on Land – You Wish You Had This

An allodial title constitutes ownership of real property that is independent to any superior power. In the Middle Ages, allodial titles were sometimes granted: these people obtained land without feudal duties (i.e. taxes). Here is the definition of ‘allodial’ in Black’s Law Dictionary. “Land held absolutely in one’s own right, and not of any lord […]

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Ascent of Money – A Financial History of The World

Title: The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of The World By: Niall Ferguson Year: 2009 Based on the book, The Ascent of Money:This documentary provides a financial History of the World by a Harvard professor, Niall Ferguson’s. It examines the long history of money, credit, and banking. From ancient European banking practices to modern […]

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