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Canada’s Housing Bubble Statistics: February 2013

Here are the latest price statistics for Canada’s housing market. Price statistics refer to the updated numbers for the month of January 2013. Declines were again seen in all sectors and regions except for (Montreal townhouses and Regina Condos)


The aggregate price for all sectors and major regions in Canada declined again in January 2013, posing the longest real-estate decline in Canada since 2008. The current trend in housing prices is now officially in a short-term downward correction, as it broke through the upward trend-line which started in January 2009. Longer term trend lines are still intact.

Every month I publish an update on these real-estate statistics to get an in-depth view of the current trends in the Canadian housing market. If you would like to receive an automatic update sent to your email with these statistics, subscribe to the site’s newsletter feed on the right hand side of the page.

  • Tony

    The impression I get is that the top finance control bodies (central banks, government) know full well that it is risky to inflate bubbles, and know they are doing so but:

    a) are under pressure from their constituents (not necessarily the general population, but big banks, hedge funds, etc.) to allow the bubbles to grow

    b) have a — perhaps foolhardy — belief they can manage inflating asset bubbles up and down (to their favoured “soft landings”) and thus (supposedly) favourably “manage” the overall economy

    So we have “managed” asset prices that often reflect institutional manipulation more than real, intrinsic value.

    It’s a rigged game and one that undoubtedly results in massive amounts of malinvestment, over and over. But as long as it suits the entrenched powers and doesn’t finally kill the host economy, it will continue.

    • economicreason

      Yeah. Although, what they don’t realize is that it’s shortsightedness as they could ultimately leave a horrible economy for their children from decades of foolish economic policies!

      • Tony

        I completely agree. Our societies are dominated by greedy fools who only care about the short term, the future be damned.

        • economicreason

          It happens all the time though, It’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over in history. Real change wont happen until the younger “aware” generations take positions of power.

          what city are you from?

          • Tony

            Hi Chris, raised in Toronto but haven’t lived there in about a decade. In Portugal right now, returning to Ontario in spring.

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