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The Take – Occupy. Resist. Produce

Title:The Take
Director: Avi Lewis
Year: 2004

The Take – Occupy. Resist. Produce
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A Canadian documentary film tells the storey of workers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who reclaim control of a closed auto plant. This result created a new kind of economy emerging in Argentina. With hundreds of factories closing, waves of workers were locking themselves inside and running the workplaces on their own, with no bosses.This collective movement has gained strength in Argentina, having started with a garment factory several years earlier. The factory workers waded through the courts and legislative system with help from the experience of these other groups who had fought the same battle, and ultimately secured their right to operate the plant. The film describes the ideological fights beyond co-operative ownership, showing how Menem regained strength as he ran for a subsequent term, despite the poor performance of his privatisation while in office. Ultimately, workers succeed ~ 1:20 min.

With jobs being shipped overseas, can this model take any hold with the current US economy? There is really no stopping American to create the same enviroment with closed auto factories. 

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