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Money as Debt 1

Title: Money as Debt 1
Directed: by Paul Grignon
Year: 2002

Money as Debt 1
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A short animated documentary film about today’s money and how it is a new form of slavery. Distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, there is no human relation between master and slave. Debt- government, corporate and household has reached astronomical proportions. Where does all this money come from? How could there BE that much money to lend? The answer is…there isn’t. Today, MONEY IS DEBT. If there were NO DEBT there would be NO MONEY. An absolute watch for anyone looking to be informed about money and debt. ~ 47 min.

Great points made during film;

  • Money is created from “thin” air
  • When debt is created money is created
  • What expands the economy is more debt.

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