Use 100:1 Leverage on Gold Prices to Build A Fortune

In the recent month’s, the price of gold, equities, treasuries and oil have been very volatile and are creating fortunes for some traders. Traders equipped with the right system, techniques and money management can also profit from Gold prices going down or up. With Ava Trader you can trade forex with 200:1 leverage and gold/oil/index’s with 100:1 leverage. Here’s the math for a $500 trading account.

Account Size $500

Account Leveraged size $50,000 for gold and $100,000 for Forex

1 contract of Gold @ spot price = $1280

1 contract of Gold (100:1 leverage)@ $12.80

With a $500 account you can trade up to 38 oz of gold at once. However, this is not encouraged as you will be maxed out. You should not use more than 5%-10% equity in your account.  Therefore, 3-4 contracts of gold could be bough and sold to profit from the volatility.  If you buy 4 contracts of gold and gold goes up $40 in one day (it went up $50 on Wednesday last week). That is a profit of $160 or a 32% Rate of return in one day on your account. Trading is not for everyone, it requires knowledge of chart reading and proper money management techniques. Always use a tight stop lose when trading to avoid excessive losses.

Trade full time or part time 24 hr around the clock sunday night to friday. Open a demo or real account now and get a sign up bonus! See link below for more details on how you can open an account and get started.

If you have any questions getting started or any trading techniques you can post them below.

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