The Truth About Silver: Must Watch Videos

I have complied a list of the best informative silver-related videos available on the net. Many of the truths, myths, and frauds regarding silver are exposed in these videos. If after watching these videos you are still not convinced that physical silver should be in your investment portfolio, you may want to consider seeing a doctor!

Gold and Silver, Debt Collapse – by Mike Maloney 

Mike Maloney authored the book, Rich Dad’s Advisors Guide to Investing in Gold and SilverBased on his extensive research on precious metals and the economy, he proclaims that the markets are seriously distorted and will produce “the greatest wealth transfer in history.” He states that he is 100% personally invested in precious metals, and advocates holding the physical form. ~ 1:30 hrs


Silver Bullet and Silver Shield – produced Chris Duane

In SBSS series(48 videos), Chris, shows how silver, is the ultimate tool for protection and bullet against our current paradigm. Investing in silver is a non-compliant, non-violent way of dealing with our paradigm. This series also shows an extensive historical background on precious metals and how we are currently not living in physical reality in terms of economics. For more info on Chris’s projects see  ~4 hrs


The Silver Shortage – by

This video explains that the price of silver is severally undervalued, and shows how silver may be the investment of a lifetime. Due to silvers’s many industrial uses, the consumption of silver has increase to the point where there is more above ground gold than silver. He proclaims that there is a huge supply-demand distortion with the price of silver, and that silver might one day be worth more than gold. ~ 6min.


The Silver Perspective and Case for $936 Silver- produced by

In this short video clip, SGT demonstrates how silver is undervalued and that its 1980 inflation adjusted high is around $140/oz. Given in the 1980’s, there was no derivative bubble, no bail-outs, no proven silver market manipulations, silver is a under-valued bargain, the go on to state their case for $936/oz silver. ~4min


Buy Silver and Crash JP Morgan – by Max Keiser

Max keiser on the Kesier report featured on RT claims that the investment bank JP Morgan has a large stake in naked short silver contracts (silver that does not exist). If we all demand physical delivery of our silver we will expose the lie’s of these investment banks and possibly bankrupt them. We have the power, not them. ~ 2min


The Great Silver Debate – by Kitco News

Bill Murphy from the Gold Anti Trust Action(GATA) vs. CPM’s Jeffrey Christian. It is interesting to note that Jeffrey Christian is also coincidentally and ex-Goldmansachs employee. Bill Murphy does great work at Gata and exposes the gold and silver market manipulations. ~35min.

Please help me promote this post, share it with your friends and link it on forums. We need to get this information out to more people, as Max Keiser said, “Buy silver and crash J.P. Morgan”. We ultimately hold the power in our hand for REAL change.

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