Take Your Money Out of the Bank

This short video is of interest to anyone who wants to preserve their wealth.

In Cyprus where banks outright confiscated depositors money, is an event that can happen even in Canada or the US. As mentioned in the video, the Canadian 2013 Federal Economic Action Plan, introduced a so called “bail-in” scheme to help protect banks in the event of a bank failure. Although, the video mainly describes bank derivative exposure to be likely the cause to create a bank failure, there’s actually many situations that could make a bank to close it’s doors. See this article I wrote.

I created a custom ebay RSS feed (see here) showing the latest junk silver coin auctions that could be bought and used to store your money. This feed could be used in any RSS agregator to view these auctions so you dont have to miss out in any great deals. I think this is a good alternative to cash in the bank.

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