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Obama the Communist and Romney the Crony: A No-Win Situation

In light of tonight’s presidential debate (Oct. 17, 2012), I would like to share with you a recent documentary produced by Dinesh D’Souza about President Obama: 2016 Obama: Love Him or Hate Him. Do not underestimate the recognition received by this film which, as of October 2, grossed over $32.9 million, ranking it the 4th highest grossing documentary in history.

The full-version of the movie below is based on D’Sousa’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, which delves into the president’s hidden agenda: an agenda underscored by his desire to continue his father’s dream. D’Sousa contends that Obama’s father, alongside many of Obama’s mentors of his youth and adulthood, had communist ideals. The film examines excerpts from Obama’s father’s own writings, which, for instance, state the acceptability of taxing individuals up to 100% of their income, provided that this money is used to support social programs for the citizenry.


I am not favouring either candidate, for both Romney and Obama have their pros and cons. Let’s put all of the chitter-chatter on the side and look at the facts: in the past four years, the economy has not improved, jobs were not returned, and the cost of living has increased despite the government-reported numbers indicating inflation is at a near 2%. The price of gasoline when Obama took office in 2008 was $1.84 per gallon. Today, the price fluctuates at $4.69 per gallon–an increase of 155%. Notice they also did not mention anything about the federal reserve printing money to infinity, one would think that this is an important issue worth debating.

The case against Romney is that the majority of his political contributors are from Wall Street (as cited here); he is a crony and he, like Obama, will not contribute towards the betterment of the middle class. Obama is for higher taxes, which ultimately serve to benefit large corporations, as stated in a previous post “Mo’ Government is Mo’ Money”; Romney, although not for increased taxes, will most likely pass regulations favourable to his Wall Street friends, benefitting the largest corporations.

What’s a voter to do? One method is abstention from voting. If enough people refrain from voting in a concerted effort to show the government that they will not be taken for fools, it will send a loud enough message to Washington that the people have lost all confidence in the system.

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