How The Reserve Currency Remains Powerful


The single most important item that the US government must protect is the US Dollar from losing its fate and confidence as the reserve currency. This reserve currency was founded on the basis that it was “as good as gold” and constituted as real money; however, this ideology is quickly being deteriorated as today’s reckless government policies are destroying the dollars purchasing power for all of us. The following are some of the strategies that are currently being used to project confidence in the US dollar and to keep it above water during these turbulent times.

  • Misleading inflation statistics – Thanks to The Boskin Commission in 1995, The CPI index is no longer accurately measured. Instead a complex methodology using substitution, hedonics and geometric weighing creates the new CPI index to rise much slower than the real price level.
  • Media – Usually portrays a general biased view of the dollar and gold.
  • Gold and silver – Gold and Silver is the Dollars biggest competitor in the real money market and therefore, will be subjected to price suppression by Central banks. Visit Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee for more info.
  • Educational system – No meaningful classes are provided about economics or about gold in schools today. Economic classes in college or in university typically cater to the current “Keynesian” paradigm.
  • War – Yes, war. It’s not about terrorism, is not about nuclear weapons nor oil, its about preserving the reserve currency.

The US Dollar, is currently faced with much deterioration in the past few years on its value as the governments continue to print massive amounts of currency to artificially prop up failed banks and the economy as a whole. However, misleading statistics, media propaganda, gold and silver market suppression cannot last forever. Until then, much efforts like mentioned above will continue to be reinforced to protect the Reserve Currency status.

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