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More Profitable than Exxon and Apple

At the beginning of this month, Janet Yellen became the first woman to lead the world’s most powerful financial institution, the Federal Reserve.  That means that she passed Oprah Winfrey as the most influential woman in the world.  That’s pretty significant, not just because it makes her, one could argue, the most powerful woman in […]

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Money Bubble – Why Hasn’t It Burst?

James Turk and John Rubino have just recently written an excellent new book entitled The Money Bubble. Where a variety of important economic questions are answered from a unique perspective. An exclusive interview with John Rubino is below for you to listen to. Enjoy!

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The Rise of 200 Alternative Crypto Currencies

Authored by Oliver Wasser from Many people look at the price of Bitcoin (currently around $850 a coin), and instantly shy away from getting involved in crypto currencies. What they don’t see and what is less publicized is the booming number of new Alternative Crypto coins (Altcoins), which are now appearing on a daily […]

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