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Effects of Low Interest Rates – Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, “Effects of Low Interest Rates Part 1,” the easy monetary policies created by central banks and governments is what fuels economic booms and their consequent busts. Keynesian government intervention skews the business cycle: the creation of credit expansion undoubtedly provides growth, but this growth is now part of an […]

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Petrodollar Collapse

The rise of the United States economy in the 70’s and 80’s was mainly due to Nixon’s abolished the gold standard. This event was historic as it allowed the green back to be . Although, as in history, allowing a currency to freely float in thin air will eventually cause inflation from easy monetary policies […]

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Effects of Low Interest Rates – Part 1

Lowering interest rates can potentially boost economic activity as it increases both speculation and exports by devaluating the currency. Its effects, are artificial and temporary, at best. New growth caused by cheaper money must come from somewhere, and as I pointed out in another article “Fiat Currencies” this money comes at the expense of the […]

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Economic Forecast for 2012

As I stated in my previous article titled “Will there be a QE 3?”, weak market data coupled with negative market sentiment is being reflected in the stock market. 2011 was a dismal year for most stock investors. The chart below depicts the 2011 rate-of-returns for different asset classes. Also, our governments may decide to […]

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Economic Reasoning; A Two-Faced Coin

What benefits a ‘part’ but devastates the ‘whole’ is ultimately detrimental to all components of the entity. A government policy that benefits one group of society while undermining the economy as a whole is destined for failure. To understand economics all interactions among all groups must be accounted for; the impact of a policy on […]

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Will There Be a QE3?

Quantitative easing. The irony of such a concept is that to the uninitiated in economics, quantitative easing would be perceived as something good for our system, when in reality it undermines our economy by preventing it to function as a free market. A quantitative easing program is but a more sophisticated way of saying “money […]

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Fiat Currencies; The Demise of Our Economic System

Up until 1971, real money was known as gold and silver bullion and coins. With the help of Richard Nixon’s abolishment of the gold standard (Breton –Woods agreement, 1971), today our money is known as fiat currency, which has been adopted by every country in the world. Gold as money has existed for over 5000 […]

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