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Chinese Yuan V.S. SDR – Who Will Be the Heavyweight Campion of The WORLD?

A reserve currency has never lasted forever and the US Dollar is no exception, especially considering its seriously grave trade and debt imbalances. A country can only go so far with its imbalances, and today the US is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. The fate of the US surely lies […]

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Guest Post: If Obama Can Just Create A Trillion Dollar Coin, Then Why Do We Have To Pay Taxes?

Authored by Michael, originally posted at Economic Collapse blog, If Barack Obama can “solve” the debt ceiling crisis by printing up some trillion dollar coins, then why does the federal government need our money?  As another debt ceiling showdown approaches, many in the liberal media are suggesting that if Congress does not raise the debt […]

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What is Money? – Stored Human Energy…

Money has assumed many different forms throughout its history, affecting everyone from the strongest monarchs and the lowliest peasants, to you and me. Money originated as barter in many different forms, from wampums in Native America to whale teeth in Fiji. Other barter items recorded were seashells, amber, ivory, decorative feathers, cattle, and a large […]

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US Debt Crisis – How High Will It Go?

The implications of the US debt crisis are not well understood in most circles, and it is not widely spoken about in the media and during important political debates. The irony is that the US debt is so significant that it plays a monumental role in finance and modern political strategy. The debt poses great […]

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Can the Canadian Dollar Collapse?

There has been much speculation regarding the stability of the US Dollar, especially as the Federal Reserve continues to use its printing press at full speed. Printing currency destroys the value of money—period. But how will other fiat currencies par with the debasement of the US Dollar, specifically the Canadian Dollar? Even though the Canadian economy […]

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Is the Canadian Dollar Backed by Gold?

The Canadian Dollar, among a long list of other currencies around the world, is no longer backed by gold. No gold, silver–nada is backing the value of the Canadian Dollar. The Gold Standard for the Canadian Dollar was officially abandoned on April 10th, 1933. This is not to be confused with the US gold standard, which was officially […]

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Obamanos – The Real Meaning To This Insanity

Mostly seen on bumper stickers, the word Obamanos, is spanglish for “let’s go Obama”. However in the Urban Dictionary, one of its meanings is also “those who will fall for anything. I.e. I can’t belive all these Obamanos, who really think he’ll change all our problems.” I think the later describes the coined name much more appropriately. Here’s […]

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The Gig Is Up – Money, the Federal Reserve and You

Title: The Gig Is Up – Money, the Federal Reserve and You Produced by: Gary Fielder Year: 2008 Populist Lawyer, Gary Fielder, presents “The Gig Is Up: Money, Federal Reserve and You.” A Live presentation at Wolfe Hall, University of Colorado School of Law, on December 4, 2008. Mr. Fielder, a criminal and constitutional lawyer […]

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Raw Footage of Economic Guru Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers predicted is one of the few economic guru’s that predicted the real-estate crash of 2007-2008, and every time he is interviewed a great deal of attention should be used to hear what he is saying. This ~40minute interview provides us with an exciting look at an up an coming new documentary (bubble film) that should be […]

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The Dodd Frank Act and How it Will Impact The Petrodollar System

Two very large banks in Asia and Europe announced yesterday that they are going to comply with US regulators over the controversial Dodd-Frank Act. The destructive rules proposed by the Dodd-frank Act are so complicated that it will require additional specialized professionals to begin to start understanding the specifics of this legislation. This act contains […]

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