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Quebec’s Debt Problem Will Get Worse With the P.Q. Not Good For Real-Estate.

Quebec’s provincial elections took place last night and Pauline Marois from the Parti-Quebecois (PQ) made history by being the first elected female premier to win. The PQ won 54 out of the 125 provincial seats. What does this mean for businesses and individuals in Quebec? Although The PQ won with a minority government, the economic […]

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Canada Housing Bubble Price Statistics

City Peak Month Peak Price Current Price Decline from Peak Vancouver Feb 2012 $1,235,244 (REBGV average via* $1,041,325 (July 2012) 15.7% – $194,000 Victoria June 2010 $649,280 (VREB average) $580,557 (July 2012) 7.0% – $45,100 § Edmonton May 2007 $424,572 (EREB average) $384,417 (July 2012) 9.5% – $40,200 Calgary June 2007 $464,500** (CREB benchmark) […]

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QE1, QE2, LTRO and QE3? – The Affects to the EUR/USA

An increase in the money supply through government intervention (i.e. quantitative easing) decreases the purchasing power of any local currency. However, When ECB pursues programmes like the “LTRO” (their version of money printing), this lowers their currency as well, although, investors in Europe send more money to the US as a result of its safe-haven […]

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Why Does a Trade Deficit Weaken the Currency and Make the Country Poor?

Currently, the US economy consists of approximately 77% services, which contributes to major imbalances to their economic system and not to mention a massif trade deficit (imports exceeds exports ). The picture below depicts dark countries with trade deficits and greener countries with trade surpluses. The US trade deficit was over 550 Billion in 2011, […]

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Central Banks Are Buying Gold, Are you?

The World Gold Council have recently published their second quarter 2012 report. The report indicates that the demand for gold reached 990 tons for the second quarter of this year. This figure is down 7% from the same quarter in 2011, and down 10% below the previous quarter. Although weaker demand was mainly contributed by […]

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U.S Government Debt Grows $10M a Minute

David Walker, served as the United States general comptroller from 1998 to 2008 and he was recently on Yahoo news stating his case for America’s debt problem. The current national debt for the United States stands at a whopping 15.9 Trillion and growing at about 10Million a minute. In other words, 14.4 Billion a day […]

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Why the True Capitalists Want You to be Rich

In the media, “the rich” are depicted as self-centered, uber-greedy scoundrels, and while individuals like Gordon Gekko (“Wall Street”) certainly do exist, the vilification of the rich is not exactly warranted.  Many successful–and indeed, rich–entrepreneurs use the law of compensation to further expand their businesses and stream of wealth. And because it is you, the […]

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Mo Government is Mo Problems

In reaction to the European debt crisis, we have seen sophisticated and coordinated efforts by European leaders to come together to create more government and more intervention. More government, however, has been shown to only aggravate the current economic and political atmosphere. Why must government get out of the way?  Limited government means limited power and […]

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The Ponzi Scheme in Canada’s Housing Bubble

Canadian mortgage requirements tightened in recent weeks from a maximum amortization period of 30 years to 25 years, the consequences of which will serve to undermine the currently bloated real-estate market as less buyers will be able to enter into the market as mortgages become more expensive (assuming a same down payment). How is this […]

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Fractional Reserve Banking System

Most people believe that banks safeguarded their deposits in their vaults and maintain a liquidity ratio on or about 100%. In other words, banks only lend out the money which they had on deposits. However, today’s banking system reality is far different, posing a great risk for all economies going forward. What is a Fractional […]

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